Saturday, 14 July 2018

REVIEW and SWATCH: The Beauty of Focallure Blush and Highlighter Pallete 03

Focallure Blush and Highlighter Palette is my very first highlighter ever. The number 03 has been being must-have natural makeup palette since 6 months ago. I love how it gives me natural radiant look without overworking. The price is only IDR 59.000, I bought it in an online shop on Shopee. 

If I didn't know Focallure is a low end cosmetic brand at first, I would assume that it's a medium brand that might have set a bit high price range. The packaging is quite exclusive, simple, and elegant. Just kinda proud having this new buddy on my cosmetic desk :)

Focallure beauty is made in China, which I honestly never use any brand from the country before. I'm lucky enough because many online shops sell it in my country. And it's rarely out of stock, so I just wondering how much they keep it in their inventory to be sold next ^^)?

It beautifully brings these soft three colour in one palette which has different function. The peachy and pink colour below is the blush on. The blush on has very pigmented colour but really really great on my skin tone, and it's still look natural. The shimmer in the middle is the highlighter  which has really nice glow with pink undertone. And the last one, the shimmery brown gold, is also the highlighter when I wanna have a gold glow effect :D. 

I do really love this palette. The blush on is really pretty, and each bling highlighter does excellent art of glowing effect on my face. Seriously, I didn't expect such result at first, yet it surprises me later. I highly highly highly recommend to both beginner or professional makeup artist!

Rate: 5/5
Repurchase: YES!
ps: I wish Focallure will add mirror inside if they update the packaging ^^v

Thank you :)