Sunday, 3 June 2018

Maybelline Super Cover BB SPF 50 Review

Hello :D

Actually, I've been looking for BB cream that suits to my skin and will be one of my makeup lines. Been looking for it for years yet none friendly to my sensitive skin. I don't know why Maybelline products (the face products) not good on me. But, now I try to use it once again. The Maybelline Super Cover BB SPF 50 is my choice

Let's try it, and see how it reacts o my skin ^^

A rose gold tube BB Cream. Love the colour, just one of my favourites. The high SPF 50 will cut off the long step of using sunscreen. So, I've got a high hope with this product. Pleaseee God make this one safe for my skin T___T

This is my natural skin tone, just the same as my face, pale :|
I'm still scared to try this on my face, so I use my hand hehehhe

The cream is quite watery. I choose 01 Natural, apparently it's is quite bright yet it suits to my skin. Smells good and the chemical substances not really comes out. If you have got darker tone, please choose the darker shades :)

I only applied a small amount but it really comes with a big amount! Well, I think it's nice especially if you're looking for a long term BB cream that you don't have to buy very often. It's sticky and I have to wait for several minutes. Luckily, there's no any white cast left. Nice!

This is after applying the BB cream. My skin looks smoother. It has great coverage. I tried it on my face then, but I found I got redness instantly T____T
Oh please really love this one, but my skin tells a big NO 

If you have normal and dry skin I think you will love it. You can find it easily in drugstore with around IDR 100.000. At last I'd like to say I'm very envy to those who have no problem with Maybelline face products :)



Thank you for reading :)

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