Wednesday, 20 June 2018

My Must-Have Makeup Item

I'm not a makeup up junkie. I prefer to buy more skincare than makeup products. So I only have a few of them. I wear makeup only for special occasion and Saturday night out with my boyfriend.  
Today, I'd like to share my must-have makeup item. I also prefer to have makeup 'no makeup' than a full makeup. It might be your reference if you're a beginner or love the simple makeup style like I do :)

Just continue reading, and enjoy!

Skin Aqua Suncreen
Sunscreen is part of skincare, but it is also a must have makeup army for me. I don't wanna have a great makeup without skin protection. Be a fabulous for a day, then get a breakout after? That's one of my skin nightmare. My skin also very sensitive under the sunlight. If I stay outdoor too much, I often get many redness on my skin and dark spots, especially on my cheeks :(

Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose
I use it not only for my lips but also for my eyelids. It makes my lipcolour and eyeshadow stay longer. At night, I use it as lip sleeping mask. My lips feel so plump and smooth in the next morning :D

Beauty Creations - The Sweetest Palette 
This palette is kinda dupe of Too Faced Peach Palette eyeshadow. The colour and quality is almost the same, and the price is much cheaper. I love the colour, it's really sweet and natural.

Makeup Brush - no brand
Honestly, I don't use brush a lot. So, I only have a very (too) standard brush. But, I'll buy the better one next time.

La Tulipe  Mascara
I rarely use mascara since my eyes are so sensitive. I randomly use mascara from any brand. As soon as I've arrived at home, I'll clean my eyes area with cleansing oil and micellar water immediately, otherwise I'll get redness on my eyes.

Etude House Bling Bling Eyes Stick

I love eyeshadow stick, especially with the glitter contained. It's easy to use and makes me looks so fresh :D

Pond's BB Magic Powder
This BB powder foundation has been my favourite for years. It's very cheap and works like a magic!

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist

Nature Republic Aloe Vera range is also a must-have one on my makeup list. I simply use it before applying and after finishing my makeup. It moisturize and keep the makeup for long hours.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading and visiting my blog, hope that you enjoy it always :)

Friday, 8 June 2018

Review and Swatch Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color Devotion

Welcome back to my blog :D

Today I'd like to review and swatch my favourite matte lip color, Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. Revlon has been one of the most beloved brands by women all over the world. The price range also the reason why I often buy their products, and fortunately the quality is also premium.

All the Revlon products don't irritate my skin, except their compact powders - which I always find many breakouts after the usage. This brand easily found anywhere; Guardian, Watson, Minimarket, Sogo, and many more.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor has many colours to pick. The Devotion is my favourite. Want to know more? Let's take a look at the review and swatch below!

Sorry for the bad condition, I almost wear and bring it everyday, so it its a bit tired ahahahah
IMHO, a good makeup start with the chosen lipstick, and lipmatte is the type of lip colour I use very often. I bought it in Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya - Indonesia for idr. 100.000 (it's a year ago, and it's a sale). It's is the Devotion Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip, and I love the packaging. The blur hard plastic glass-like give a sense of feminine and luxurious soft (???) - just love this kind of packaging. But, the silver parts of the cap isn't durable, so it's easily scratched with any kind of material item, especially metal. Well, you can see how it looks like after being brought everywhere I go in any occasion ^^);

I love the thick liquid it gives, yet it also the reason that makes it looks messy. So, I have to be careful everytime I open it. I wipe the liquid leftover with tissue many times, but it always comes out everytime I open it. However, I still love it and the colour is soooo nice! I think it suits with any skin tone. The Devotion version is pink mauve colour everyone might crazy about it. You can use it in forman and casual occasion, and still gives you fabulous vibe :D

The smell of vanilla is the scent of this Revlon lipmatte range. The applicator is good enough to apply the colour smoothly on my lips.

 If I look at the left and right side, the applicator is a bit of triangular shape with a smooth point. It's really soft and makes me easier to apply the colour perfectly.

Now. this is the favourite part, swatch swatch ^^)/

Indoor light, without flash
The texture is so creamy. It also glides to my skin and lips smoothly. The colour is so pretty. For those who are rarely use lipstick and still afraid to try bold colours, I think this one the the best beginning :)

Outdoor, natural light
The colour is a bit deepr when you are in outdoor, but still soft and doesn't overshine other makeup and outfit :D

Indoor, with flash
If you use flash a lot in your photos, I think this colour is really great to make your face fresher and much more feminine. A you can see, this lip matte isn't really matte. It's so glossy when the first time you apply it. It will drier for several minutes.

Indoor, with flash
Well, you might worry that this creamy and glossy like lip matte will not stay longer on your lips. Apparently it stay longer and left a sheer colour if you smudge it. No matter how much you drink and it, the sheer colour of pink still stay nicely on your lips. And this is the reason why use this lip matte very often. Revlon is one of makeup brands I often use :)

My Conclusion

(+): Nice smell, price, colour, great to subtitute blush on and doesn't iritate my sensitive skin, and stay very long :) 
(-) : The packaging is not really nice and getting messy very often
Rating: 5/5
Repurchase: Yez ^^)/*

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you on my next post :D

Monday, 4 June 2018

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel (A Most Wanted REVIEW)


As I promised before (that I reviewed the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel Mist), I would make a review of the gel version of Nature Republic Aloe Vera. But, it's gonna be a short skin care review as it's already 11PM here (sleepy head zzzzz)

The Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel is (probably) loved by everyone, especially beauty blogger. It's not a new hype, me? just kinda late to have this. My first experience with this gel moisturizer was soooooo marvellous! I applied this as much as I can on my face, just like having a face mask, but let it stay for a night. Then, the next morning I found my skin was so hydrated, brighter, smoother, smaller pores, and lessen my acne scar. 

I have tried many low, medium, and high end skin care, and I think it is the best one. Even it beats my high end night moisturizers, the sulwhasoo snowise cream and estee lauder resilience lift night. I don't have any breakouts or purging that I usually get from most skin products. 

It doesn't claim that it gives anti-aging and brightening, but I get those effects! I also feel my skin more supple and tighter, and having healthier fair skin (not pale). With only around IDR 75.000-95.000 I bought it from an online shop, I got the premium benefits of a skincare.

I also use it for other parts of my body like my body, hair, and even nails :) 
It support healthy grow for my nails and my hair. I have been having hair fall since I decided wear hijab one year ago. It really soothe my scalp and boost the new hair to grow. 

Seriously, if you haven't got it yet, you're just lost in beauty space ^^)" 

So let's take a look its package

300 ml jar version, around IDR 95.000

92% California Aloe Vera yet made in Korea

It's really heavy, difficult to bring for travelling

250 ml tube version, around IDR 75000, better to bring while travelling than the jar one

This is a must must must have skincare. If you have blemishes and any other breakout, you will love this. But, if you have sensitivity with alcohol-contained face products you'll hate it. The alcohol inside is quite strong.

5000/5  ^^


Well that's all for today, thank you for reading :)

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Maybelline Super Cover BB SPF 50 Review

Hello :D

Actually, I've been looking for BB cream that suits to my skin and will be one of my makeup lines. Been looking for it for years yet none friendly to my sensitive skin. I don't know why Maybelline products (the face products) not good on me. But, now I try to use it once again. The Maybelline Super Cover BB SPF 50 is my choice

Let's try it, and see how it reacts o my skin ^^

A rose gold tube BB Cream. Love the colour, just one of my favourites. The high SPF 50 will cut off the long step of using sunscreen. So, I've got a high hope with this product. Pleaseee God make this one safe for my skin T___T

This is my natural skin tone, just the same as my face, pale :|
I'm still scared to try this on my face, so I use my hand hehehhe

The cream is quite watery. I choose 01 Natural, apparently it's is quite bright yet it suits to my skin. Smells good and the chemical substances not really comes out. If you have got darker tone, please choose the darker shades :)

I only applied a small amount but it really comes with a big amount! Well, I think it's nice especially if you're looking for a long term BB cream that you don't have to buy very often. It's sticky and I have to wait for several minutes. Luckily, there's no any white cast left. Nice!

This is after applying the BB cream. My skin looks smoother. It has great coverage. I tried it on my face then, but I found I got redness instantly T____T
Oh please really love this one, but my skin tells a big NO 

If you have normal and dry skin I think you will love it. You can find it easily in drugstore with around IDR 100.000. At last I'd like to say I'm very envy to those who have no problem with Maybelline face products :)



Thank you for reading :)

REVIEW: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist

Many beauty enthusiast already used it for ages
It's kinda late I try this product
I decided to try the mist version
And just got love at the first sight 
 a moisturizer holy grail
It is Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist
*sorry this is not a poem, just dunno what I've to write ^^*

Let's jump right in to the product!

It comes with a green bottle with a hint of yellow. This colour indicates that I've got the original version. Quite handy and easy to be brought everywhere. There's nothing special with the dsign, it's just a mere spray bottle. With IDR. 119.000 now I've got a premium face mist with affordable price :D

It's originally formulated and made in korea. Nature Republic is one of famous brand from korea. There are many korean brands that claims natural and safe ingredients, but this one is the best for me so far. It's not only for face, but also for other parts of body, hair included! The 92% California Aloe Vera really pleasant for my blemish and any other breakouts. Super ^^)/

The direction tells that we have to spray it in 10-15cm away, yet I break the rules. I always spray it less than 10cm, and I think it's safe (unless it directly goes on my eyes haha). The liquid quickly absorb heavenly on my skin and my hair as well. It moisturises well but not really great as the gel version one, but I still love it. I always use it every day and night right after I wash my face. And I usually use it in the middle of the afternoon when the weather is really hot because it calms my skin and my mind 

Now, it becomes my must-have skin care item. Love the smell, the formula, the effect, just everything heheheh. I've already bought the gel version one, and I'll review i ASAP :)

Final Thought:
Rating 5/5
Repurchase: Y E S

Thank you for reading :)