Sunday, 6 May 2018

REVIEW: Amazing 7-Day Skin Care Journey with Sulwhasoo Snowise

Hello!!! I'm sorry I've just published new post today, been so busy recently :,((

I'm so excited to share my amazing seven-day skin care journey with Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening range. I bought a 5-item trial kit (the original size is too expensive). The brand is one of high-end brands from Amore Pacific. I've also tried some of their products from Innisfree and Laneige, yet the result is just so-so on my skin. I put much attention and hope with Sulwhasoo, and the Snowise is the very first range I try. 

*Please take a look my skin type on my profile on the right bar prior reading this post :D

I bought it for Rp. 235.000 from an online shop

Well, the size are small but I can use them for about 2 months

Very neat, simple, exclusive, smells sooooo relaxing!

Let's see how great Sulwhasoo Snowise on my sensitive and annoying skin ^^V
The photos are my RIGHT(above) and LEFT (below) cheeks. NO FILTER, and it's natural lighting :D

1st DAY

I hate to tell you that my skin condition was so complicated. Acne, white head, dry skin, redness, dark spots T____T
This was the first day I applied the Sulwhasoo Snowise on my skin. Nothing's special, but then I saw my skin much better when I woke up in the next morning


2nd DAY

Brighter, more supple, but the redness and dry skin were still there

3rd DAY

Much brighter, redness was reduced, smoother and the texture much better than the previous days

4th DAY 
My skin condition was much better but I wondered why there were many white heads, and my skin was really dry. I tried to change my White Dew Laneige facial wash to Senka Perfect Whip, the result was really amazing in the next day. So, I concluded that the previous facial wash was bad for me (And the facial wash is really matter!)

5th DAY
After I changed my facial wash, the skin care went on maximum level. Kind of miracle to see the result. It's the 5th day! I've ever experienced this result from my previous skin care, but it took more than 6 months! Then, I had my skin take a rest, I stopped the skin care for 3 days. There's no any change, my skin still great after using it 3 days ago.

6th DAY
I bet you notice that there are also many acne scars on my face. I have it since 5 years ago. It doesn't completely gone, but it became smaller, blur, and the wasn't really deep LESS THAN A WEEK! I still curious about the effect, so I stopped the skin care again for 4 days. Although I stopped it, the great 
changes were still there. W O W

7th DAY
I underestimated the product before, I thought it's just because of their promotion and marketing strategy so many people love it. This is the best skin care for me so far. I don't mind spend my money to have this range and try other ranges from Sulwhasoo (I mean the trial kit only hahahahh). The plus from this product is their natural White Ginseng (which is the main ingredients from this range), no artificial scents, and really works on my super sensitive skin :D

I know I still have the dark spots, but I don't mind anyway. I think for super double trouble such as dark spots and acne scars that already there for years would take time to heal. I decide to use it on long period, and I hope it will always great for my skin :D

*If you've got similar skin condition like mine, this product might so helpful :D


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