Monday, 12 February 2018

Why Should Wear Fuchsia Pink Lipstick?

Found this beautiful pink fuchsia flower in my hometown. It inspires me to write about this colour, and one of lipstick shades, fuchsia pink just come across my mind :D
I'm a lipstick addict who always put this colour on my collection. It surprisingly fits to my medium skin tone. The colour kinda doubtful for me at first, because I used to only wear 'safe' colour. But, my friends said that it's really good on me, so I gave a try, and became addicted since then ^^  

I'd like to share the reasons why you also should wear pink fuchsia lipstick
*It's just my opinion, please correct me if I'm wrong. I also appreciate to know more information if you've got any :)

Enhance overall skin tone. Especially for fair to medium. Not recommended for dark skin UNLESS you have great confidence (anything looks awesome with confidence though :D)

1000% Feminine!. Pink generally related with all female things. This fuchsia pink would make you feel 'more' female, and people who look at your lips might think the same :)

Hide Dull Face. Well, anyone ever got a bad 'face' day. A that-fuchsia-pink on your lips will attract anyone eyes to more focus on it. When you're in hurry and haven't got time to touch up your face, just simply wear it, and see the fabulous fresh effect ^^

Easy to Find. As long as I know most of cosmetic brands include it to their lip colour line. By all means, you'll find easily and get many option. Choose depend upon your needs and budget ^^

The fuchsia pink lipstick above is my beloved PAC lipstick. Gonna do review it asap :D

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