Friday, 23 February 2018

[REVIEW] A berrylicious Liptint of Holika Holika Holy Berry

Holika Holika Holy Berry is the first liptint and korean product I've ever used. A fresh red seen obviously from the transparant plastic bottle. I bought it around RP. 110.000 on a drugstore. Quite pricey for me, but as my curiosity of its cute name been rolling on my head, so I decided to buy it (with a very high expectation ^^).  

I love the berries drawing. Although it's just a simple design, it is still eye catching :D. it comes with 13ml of liquid cherry-like colour tint. I need this kind of colour for my medium skin tone that almost looks pale most all the time :(

The smell of juicy berries triggers a thirst for me as if I will drink a berry juice rather than using it as liptint XD
I thought it also can save my pale face just like my other reddish lipcolour. Unfortunately, the colour is too sheer for me, and doesn't stay longer on my lips. It just disappear no more than an hour, even I do carefully eating and drinking. It also doesn't moisturise my lips at all :(

A bit confused what I'm gonna do with this product. I just love the smell, and rarely use it. I'm sorry for today makeup review, it's just my honest opinion. Well, I wish Holika Holika recreate it with a better formula. I might change my mind if it's done ^^v

+ Simple and Cute Package
+ The smell is soooo berrylicious :D

- Pricey
- Not pigmented at all
- Stay for just few minutes
- My lips drier :(

🌟🌟 (2 out of 5)

No :(((

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