Thursday, 22 February 2018

A lovely Colour of Emina Creamatte Lipmatte No. 03

I'm a lipmatte lover for years. Always feel so excited since the first time using it. NYX lipstick matte is my very first one, and then been looking other various brands with different concepts. My workmate use a lovely colour of mauve pink which is one of my favourites. I thought she's wearing a classy brand, but apparently it is a local Indonesian cosmetics brand. Its is Emina Creamatte Lipmatte No. 03, so I give a try to swatch on my hand and lips :D  

The bottle is simple, cute, and yet tiny (if I compare it to other brands). It is only around  Rp. 45.000 or $3.15 (5.5 grams). Easily found in almost Indonesian malls and drugstores. Emina have 7 shades, I haven't tried the others yet, but I think this one catches my lips the most ^^ 

I smell a powdery and kinda vanilla cake when I open it. It is surprisingly loaded with the cream in a tiny bottle! Well, it possibly can be used more than a month. The applicator works nice enough when I apply it to my lips. But, it takes too many cream, so just swipe it to your finger (little finger is recommended) then apply it to your lips.

It is highly pigmented and so creamy. The colour looks like a soft pink with a hint of brown. It takes more than 3 minutes until it dry on my hand.

The colour is brighter after it is dry. I love how I feel it on my skin, it is really moist and soft :D

The colour is a bit different after I apply it to my lips. It's much brighter but still pigmented (The colour applied may vary based upon on your natural lip colour, mine is pale :( ). I have got dry and sensitive lips. It is very light, and it moisturises my lips without any irritation occur. 

I can't say it has a powerful stay, I think it's in the middle. It might stay longer if you eat and drink with 'attitude' XD I got only 3 hours because I was just too hungry while eating noodle XD
I think I will always put it on the check of my makeup list

+ Cheap
+ Very Light
+ Smells realllyyyy yummy :D
+ Suitable for dry lips (But appying lipbalm would be better)
+ I love the result how its natural pink on my lips


- NONE ^^




🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5 out of 5)

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