Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Cosmetic Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

This is one of the most favourite makeup primer among makeup artists and beauty bloggers. I've been craving to bring it home, and today I just got it with a happy price :D (Only Rp. 69.500 at Mahmud Cosmetic Store in Bandung, Indonesia)

A great cosmetic would be better with a powerful natural ingredient inside. The Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser bring Cherry extracts to the new level of primer ^^
So, it will take care of your skin while covering large pores and other impurities.

I thought I would smell cherry, but it hasn't got any smell at all. It comes with a thick clear gel that easily melts on my skin (right). The result is superrrrr smooth just like a baby skin :)
I try on my hand s first, because I'm afraid it causes irritant on my face (just like their bb cream and compact powder - I used the few years ago)
It claims it gives matte effect, but it gives a little healthy glow to my skin, so I think it totally safe for all skin type. 

The product is focusing on covering the pores. Thus, it hasn't got coverage for blemishes scar and pimples. I love it overall, and the packaging is really chic with a soft bright green turquoise. I've been using it for two days, and fortunately it safe for my skin, even moisturizes my skin very well
Thank you for reading my cosmetic review today :D

+ Nice Price 
+ Very light with excellent pore coverage
+ Feel like being a baby again ^^
+ Simple and lovely packaging
+ No scent at all
+ Soften and moisturizes skin since the first time use

- NONE ^^

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5/5)

Of course!! :D

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

[REVIEW] Exclusive Face Moisturizer: Jafra Ultra Nourishing Gold

I'd been wondering how did it feel like using gold as skin care. When I knew that Jafra have it, I just gave a try. This exclusive face moisturizer might cheaper than other gold-contained cosmetic brands or professional treatments. 

It comes with an exclusive yet heavy golden jar. So, I think it's not travel friendly. I used to use a smaller plastic jar if I need to travel. I forgot the price, it's around Rp. 500.000 (bought it from a jafra member). The 50ml of face cream is really enough for more than 3 months usage. It looks like a high-end skin care package, and I'm happy with it :D

The jafra products mostly produced in Mexico, and this one is of them. The texture is so creamy and thick. It moisturizes dry and mature skin very well. Actually, it's for women who are in their 40s, but I couldn't resist the gold particle inside, so I tried it, and hoped it's fine for my skin.

It makes my face very dull, got many pimples and larger pores after 2 months later T___T)"
I stopped it since then, and only use it to moisturize my hand (I love the tiny sparkling gold on my hand ^^). I just did natural skin care to heal the effects.
It also takes more than 10 minutes to wait the moist lighter. So, it's a very bad idea to use it before makeup if you've got sensitive or oily skin.
  The smell is just like a mere face cream with a hint of floral scent, not really good on me honestly :(

+ Exclusive Package
+ Nice tiny gold particle effect on skin

- Too thick
- Smells not really good
- A not friendly package
- Bad for sensitive and oily skin
- Pimples!! :(

🌟🌟 (2/5)


Monday, 26 February 2018

Acne Treatment Review: Clean and Clear Acne Gel

Acne has been a main skin problem of all ages, included me :,(
I've been dealing with it since a teenager. I thought it would just off as the time goes by and the skin condition changing. Well, it's still here :(
Clean and Clear is teenager skin care product that apparently still effective to be used for adults. There is a great result from a 10gr tiny acne gel. I think it's gives classy 'classy' result despite of uts cheap price. I even can say it's just has the same quality with some expensive acne products. 

Here is a flash product review of Clean and Clear Acne Gel ^^

I forgot how much the price is, it probably around Rp. 35.000. It's highly recommende acne gel, even you only need a small amount to heal acne. It claimed it only takes 4 hour to heal pimples. It's proven, yet sometime it need more than a day if the acne is quite severe.

"oil-free and Won't clog pores" are the highlighted words (and it's also proven on my skin). It doesn't make my skin dry eventhough it's oil-free luckily. Also thanks to the Salicylic Acid formula that also make the red pimples more invisible.

Smells really nice and kind of herb. I don't really understand what are the ingredients (sorry!), I'll try to look for some explanation of them later ^^v

I bought it around 6 months ago yet it's still enough for me for around two months ahead (or if there's any skin breakout occurs). I do love it, and it's always comes first on my mind while looking for acne treatment 

+ Cheap
+ Suitable for all skin type
+ Smells so relaxing
+ Easy to find
+ Easy to bring
+ Safe for sensitive skin

- N O N E ^^

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5 out of 5)


Friday, 23 February 2018

[REVIEW] A berrylicious Liptint of Holika Holika Holy Berry

Holika Holika Holy Berry is the first liptint and korean product I've ever used. A fresh red seen obviously from the transparant plastic bottle. I bought it around RP. 110.000 on a drugstore. Quite pricey for me, but as my curiosity of its cute name been rolling on my head, so I decided to buy it (with a very high expectation ^^).  

I love the berries drawing. Although it's just a simple design, it is still eye catching :D. it comes with 13ml of liquid cherry-like colour tint. I need this kind of colour for my medium skin tone that almost looks pale most all the time :(

The smell of juicy berries triggers a thirst for me as if I will drink a berry juice rather than using it as liptint XD
I thought it also can save my pale face just like my other reddish lipcolour. Unfortunately, the colour is too sheer for me, and doesn't stay longer on my lips. It just disappear no more than an hour, even I do carefully eating and drinking. It also doesn't moisturise my lips at all :(

A bit confused what I'm gonna do with this product. I just love the smell, and rarely use it. I'm sorry for today makeup review, it's just my honest opinion. Well, I wish Holika Holika recreate it with a better formula. I might change my mind if it's done ^^v

+ Simple and Cute Package
+ The smell is soooo berrylicious :D

- Pricey
- Not pigmented at all
- Stay for just few minutes
- My lips drier :(

🌟🌟 (2 out of 5)

No :(((

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Skin Care Review: Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream Moisturizer

Hello! I'm super excited to do skin care review of my new favourite moisturizer, it is Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream. I got it from my new innisfree member registration while purchasing aloe vera gel in the official store. A pretty kit (which consisted of 3 best seller product) given as a new member welcome, and the cream was included. I was a bit doubt to try it because I've got complicated and sensitive skin (acne, dry skin, and large pore). I have been using it for two weeks, and everything is fine, even I got great result from the first time use.  

I fall in love at the first sight of its package (I love anything in purple ^^). The colour represents the Korean Jeju Orchid Flower which is the main 'ranger' of its natural substances. The flower claimed has powerful antioxidant. Thus, it provides anti aging, skin tone correction, minimize pore, deep moisturizing, and many more.  

The smell is really relaxing yet fresh. I do really enjoy the smell, especially when applying before going to bed, it really calms my mind. The cream colour has a hint of peach colour that makes this cream looks so pretty :D

The cream texture is really thick as it is an enriched cream. It definitely great for dry skin, but I doubt it has same effect to oily skin. You can use the gel version of Innisfree's Orchid cream that has lighter moisturizing effect. 

I try to apply it to my hand. It's so creamy and thick, and it will dry for more than 3 minutes. I think it better used at night. I'd ever used it as daily moisturizer before applying BB cream and face powder, and the result is really awful. I got sticky and dull face if I use it at day. But, it possibly work for whom living in winter season or have a super dry skin.

This is the look after 3 minutes. It is really nice for my dry skin, and makes my skin much smoother than before. It also doesn't cause any acne breakout or other irritation on my sensitive face.

There are many reviews that tell it doesn't give wow effect. Contrary it's really good on me. I notice my skin looks brighter, plumper, healthier, and smaller pores. I also get glowing skin in the morning after using it at night. I really love it and surely will always be on my top skin care list

+ Excellent moisturiser for dry skin
+ Smells really nice
+ Always love purple! :D
+ Simple package design
+ Cheap (if compared with other well-known korean products)
+ Great effect in a short time period (it may different based upon your skin type)

- Sticky
- Not recommended for oily skin
- A big No to use at day

🌟🌟🌟🌟 (4 out of 5)


A lovely Colour of Emina Creamatte Lipmatte No. 03

I'm a lipmatte lover for years. Always feel so excited since the first time using it. NYX lipstick matte is my very first one, and then been looking other various brands with different concepts. My workmate use a lovely colour of mauve pink which is one of my favourites. I thought she's wearing a classy brand, but apparently it is a local Indonesian cosmetics brand. Its is Emina Creamatte Lipmatte No. 03, so I give a try to swatch on my hand and lips :D  

The bottle is simple, cute, and yet tiny (if I compare it to other brands). It is only around  Rp. 45.000 or $3.15 (5.5 grams). Easily found in almost Indonesian malls and drugstores. Emina have 7 shades, I haven't tried the others yet, but I think this one catches my lips the most ^^ 

I smell a powdery and kinda vanilla cake when I open it. It is surprisingly loaded with the cream in a tiny bottle! Well, it possibly can be used more than a month. The applicator works nice enough when I apply it to my lips. But, it takes too many cream, so just swipe it to your finger (little finger is recommended) then apply it to your lips.

It is highly pigmented and so creamy. The colour looks like a soft pink with a hint of brown. It takes more than 3 minutes until it dry on my hand.

The colour is brighter after it is dry. I love how I feel it on my skin, it is really moist and soft :D

The colour is a bit different after I apply it to my lips. It's much brighter but still pigmented (The colour applied may vary based upon on your natural lip colour, mine is pale :( ). I have got dry and sensitive lips. It is very light, and it moisturises my lips without any irritation occur. 

I can't say it has a powerful stay, I think it's in the middle. It might stay longer if you eat and drink with 'attitude' XD I got only 3 hours because I was just too hungry while eating noodle XD
I think I will always put it on the check of my makeup list

+ Cheap
+ Very Light
+ Smells realllyyyy yummy :D
+ Suitable for dry lips (But appying lipbalm would be better)
+ I love the result how its natural pink on my lips


- NONE ^^




🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5 out of 5)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly; A must Have Moisturizer for Very Dry Skin

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is kinda a bodyguard for my troublesome dry skin :D
The simple and mid size jar is really handy, and even I can put it on my pocket. The design itself gives impression that the products is clean, safe, and healthy. Moroever it's dermatology tested, and widely used in all over the world!

Let's take a look at the backside. It informs that it is really useful for dry skin type and ONLY 100% pure petroleum jelly inside, so there's no any fragrance or other artificial substances. It also safe for babies. Well, Unilever is really clever to bring out this such of product to the market :D

The texture is really thick. I use only a small amount on my hand, and it really works no more than 5 minutes! But you have to keep it dry and away from heat as it easily melts, unless you melt it for any beauty purpose just like creating self made mask.

This is a must have moisturizer for very dry skin. I always bring it everywhere because I've got a very dry skin. You have to be careful when applying it to face, especially oily skin type, the thick texture will give no pleasant effect. The natural glowing effect is nice, but will make your oily skin looks dull and very very oily, so you had better use other lighter moisturizer. 

+ Cheap
+ Easy to bring everywhere
+ 100% pure petroleum jelly
+ Easy to find most of supermarket and minimarket
+ Excellent effect for very dry skin type

- Not recommended for oily skin

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5 out of 5)

1000% YES

Monday, 12 February 2018

Mineral Water, The Big Beauty Secret From Nature

Many people might have spent their money to buy pricey beauty products to maintain appearance. There are also hundreds of product we can choose based upon our needs. But, have you ever thought that there is already excellent, abundant, and cheap 'cosmetic'? It is mineral water! Drinking water is the most basic skin care routine. Well, you will see obvious difference if you drink much water and don't. Your skin will be more supple and looks brighter. Here are benefits of this mother earth's natural resources;

Gives natural anti aging
    Makes skin smoother
      Brighten skin
        Maintains ideal weight
          Hydrates skin
            Reduces acne
              Strengthen nail
                Scale down hair fall

                Mineral water is part of our lives. So, we can find it and bring it anywhere anytime we need. Just grab of your favorite tumbler, fill it with mineral water, and enjoy the big beauty tips from nature! 


                Why Should Wear Fuchsia Pink Lipstick?

                Found this beautiful pink fuchsia flower in my hometown. It inspires me to write about this colour, and one of lipstick shades, fuchsia pink just come across my mind :D
                I'm a lipstick addict who always put this colour on my collection. It surprisingly fits to my medium skin tone. The colour kinda doubtful for me at first, because I used to only wear 'safe' colour. But, my friends said that it's really good on me, so I gave a try, and became addicted since then ^^  

                I'd like to share the reasons why you also should wear pink fuchsia lipstick
                *It's just my opinion, please correct me if I'm wrong. I also appreciate to know more information if you've got any :)

                Enhance overall skin tone. Especially for fair to medium. Not recommended for dark skin UNLESS you have great confidence (anything looks awesome with confidence though :D)

                1000% Feminine!. Pink generally related with all female things. This fuchsia pink would make you feel 'more' female, and people who look at your lips might think the same :)

                Hide Dull Face. Well, anyone ever got a bad 'face' day. A that-fuchsia-pink on your lips will attract anyone eyes to more focus on it. When you're in hurry and haven't got time to touch up your face, just simply wear it, and see the fabulous fresh effect ^^

                Easy to Find. As long as I know most of cosmetic brands include it to their lip colour line. By all means, you'll find easily and get many option. Choose depend upon your needs and budget ^^

                The fuchsia pink lipstick above is my beloved PAC lipstick. Gonna do review it asap :D

                Thursday, 8 February 2018

                Innisfree Aloe Vera Revital Soothing Gel; One of The best Skin Care Products Ever

                I've been loving Aloe Vera since I was kid! My mom used to told me that the 'magic gel' inside is the perfect beauty care. That's why I've been using this for years, using it from my head to toe. But, as the times goes by, I haven't got much time to plant Aloe Vera.

                Luckily, the magic gel is becoming a superstar lately :D
                There are lots of Aloe Vera products to choose, and one of Innisfree skin care products Aloe Vera Soothing Gel is my first choice. So, let's check the detail below :D

                I love how they package it. I think it's more hygienic than the big jar one. But, the size is kind of too big to bring it everywhere, especially when I only use a small bag. I wish they can create the smaller size.  

                It's easy to pop up the gel with a slight push. Unfortunately if you keep the opened-opener down, the gel slightly flowing down, so just be careful.

                IMO I think the price is cheap. It's only around $7.33 (Rp. 100.000) for 300mL. I bought it from official Innisfree store in Paris Van Java, Bandung - Indonesia. It might enough for 2 months (unless you use it frequently)

                Thanks to the translation attached! Now I know how much the percentage of its Aloe Vera. The percentage is 93.6%. And the others ingredients are some natural and friendly chemical substances (because the chemicals are written in the last, they usually just have a bit percentage). I also don't find fragrance written on the information :D   

                This is my hand before using Aloe Vera Gel. I've got dry and sensitive skin

                It looks a bit sticky isn't it? Well, it's totally not sticky at all!

                The gel absorbs very quickly less than a minute :D

                I love how it soothes my skin. I've been using it for 2 weeks and don't find any problem occurs (I also don't find it to my hair and any other parts of my body). It moisturizes my dry skin well, but not really 'awesome' due to my dry skin type. I've to use it repeatedly to keep my skin moisturized. But it's different if I use it for my hair, because I've got oily hair.  


                - Cheap
                - Absorb very quickly
                - Gives cooling sensation (eventhough I didn't store it at refrigerator before)
                - The package designed well
                - Have 93.6% of Jeju Island Aloe Vera Gel (it's bigger percentage with some other products)
                - No fragarance inside, it's so natural even hasn't got smell yet still fresh
                - Reduce Acne and brighten my face skin :D


                - Not really handy. A bit big for me who usually use small bag daily
                - Can't moisturize my dry skin, so that I've to use it repeatedly if I use it as face moisturizer

                Will buy it again?

                Definitely!!!! I give 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠 4.5 (out of 5) stars Innisfree Aloe Vera Soothing Gel :D